Welcome to The Arcadia

The Arcadia, formerly known as Arcadia Gardens, was developed in 1983.  The design was inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  The Arcadia features three blocks; each has four wings arranged in a cruciform plan. This unique design gives every apartment at least three exposures to light and ventilation - two facing outward and one facing the internal courtyard.

In two of the blocks, the perimeters of the floor plates become progressively smaller as the blocks increase in height. The floor plates, slightly offset inwards over a large central open landscaped atrium, converge at the seventh storey.

The Arcadia is built on land of 39,964 sq. metres and the GFA is 71,136.77 sq.metres. It has a total of 164 units. Floor area of the units range from 3,800 sq ft to 7,000 sq ft.